I. Rules

- The event occurs for 7 days from October 26 to November 1   
- You buy a Login VIP upgrade for $9.99; after upgrading the pack, you claim 500 diamonds with Login VIP gifts.        
- Players only need to log in to the game to claim the gift.        
- If you don’t upgrade the Login VIP pack, you will only claim free Normal Login rewards; if they upgrade it, they will claim rewards of both packs.        
- You can upgrade Login VIP anytime during the event, when upgrading, you can claim all Login VIP rewards (only when you logged in the previous days).        
- When you have not upgraded the VIP pack, rewards in the Login VIP interface show an icon of a lock and an upgrade pop-up shows up        
- For milestones 3-7-11-14 days, you will claim unique gifts.

II. Interface

III. Login Rewards

Day Normal Login VIP Login
Item Quantity Item Quantity
1 Roast Pork - Small 10 S Piece Chest (Select) 200
Beli 100000 S Secret Chest (Select) 1
2 God Stone 200 Universal Piece 20
Powder 200 God Stone 500
3 Beli 200000 SS Piece Chest (Select) 50
S+ Piece Chest (Select) 20 Roast Pork - Small 20
4 Seastone Chest 5 Germa Gene Resource 1000
EXP Medicine - Gold 20 Universal Piece 20
5 Germa Gene Chest - Purple 10 Roast Pork - Small 20
Honor Coin 300 Awakening Chest Key 50
6 Picnic Lunchbox 20 Seastone Chest 30
Wood 200 Universal Piece 20
7 Beli 200000 SS Chest 2 1
Universal Piece Chest 10 Germa Gene Chest-Red 10