Dear captains,    
Beli is an important currency in OPG: Pirates Legend. In the progress of buffing your crewmen, captains need a large amount of Beli to upgrade. The following article will provide capains with tips of earning Beli!    
I. Adventure    
- Requirement:    
+ Randomly receive Money Bag through completing stages    
+ Captains who complete stages with required stars will earn Beli    

II. Quest    
- Requirement: Complete Daily Quest, Weekly Quests, Main Quest to earn Beli and necessary materials.    
III. Event - Benefit    
1. Login - Check In    
- Requirement: login everyday and sign-in to earn Beli    
2. First topup    
- Requirement: Captains who top up will receive rewards    
3. Invest    
- Requirement: Captains activate Investment to grow and upgrade up to required level to receive rewwards   
4. Nominations    
- Requirement: Own crewmen in required lineup to receive rewards    
5. Level Ranking    
- Ranking Bonus    
Requirement: Captains ranking Top 1-200 in Top Level and lv 35+ will earn a lot of Beli    
- Level Bonus:    
Requirement: Captains lv 35+ will receive Beli Chest    
6. Let's Go    
- Requirement: Captains can earn a large amount of Beli through owning required crewmen of Recruitment    
IV. Features and Activities    
1. Bounty Hunter    
- Requirement: Captains who complete Bounty Hunter successfully will receive Beli Chests. The more difficulty is, the more Beli Chests you receive     
2. Trial Tower    
- Requirement: receive Points through completing floors in Trial Tower. The more Points you have, the more rewards you receive    
3. Headquarter Quest    
- Requirement: Complete daily quests of the system to earn a certain amount of Beli    

4. Training Room    
- Requirement: Receive rewards and Beli Chest through completing stages in Training Room  

5. Arena    
- Requirement: Battle, accumulate points and rank up in Arena o earn a large amount of Beli everyday    
6. Impel Down Escaping   

- Requirement: Captains will receive Boss damage points through killing Boss in stages of Impel Down Escape. The higher Boss damage points are, the the higher you rank and more rewards you get.    
7. Fleet    
- Fleet War    
Requirement: Captains join Fleet and rank through competing against other Captains in Fleet. The higher you rank in Fleet, the more rewards you get.    
Lucky Money    
Requirement: Captains who join Fleet can open Lucky Money    
- Chopper jumps    
Requirement: Chopper jumps is an entertainment feature of the game, Captains jump to the specified position to earn Beli    
- Finding Zoro    
Requirement: Captains who join Finding Zoro have to spin the slot machine so that avatars of Zoro appear. The more avatars of Zoro appear, the more rewards you get.  

8. Shop    
- Awaken Chest    
Requirement: Captains open Awaken Chest to have chance of earning Beli     
 - Fleet Shop    
Requirement: For captains who join Fleet, use Fleet Coins to redeem Beli Chest in Fleet Shop    
- Special Shop    
Requirement: Captains can buy Beli Chest in this Shop through completing stages in Adventure that has a chance for Special Shop appear in 1 hour    
9. Redeem Beli    
- Use Diamond to redeem Beli, Captains can upgrade VIP to increase number of times everyday    
♦ In addition, to earn Beli in an easy way, Captains can refer to existing in-game Topup Pack on the website to earn Beli.    
- By Topup events, Captains will earn a very large amount of Beli to buff crewmen    
♦ UPGRADE VIP to earn Beli    
♦ Vip Privileges    
Captains who reach VIP level will buy discounted packages of VIP    
*** The information above about how to earn Beli is necessary to make it easier for captains on their jouney. 

If the captain has any questions, please contact the Fanpage, Admin will support immediately.
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Wish my Captains will have a wonderful moments with OPG: Pirates Legend!