POWER is one of the most important elements in OPG: Pirates Legend, showing each player' level compared to the rest. Captains who have high power always win respect of other captains.
How to quickly increase power in OPG: Pirates Legend? Today, we will reveal some things for newbies to increase their power quickly.
Focus on each stage
A. Level 1 - 30
Focus on basic attributes, need little resources to increase power quicly
I. Item
1. Breakthrough:
- Equipment: increase DEF and HP 
Use Beli to upgrade equipment
Collect different Seastones through completing Elite stages in Adventure and Events, use Seastone to break through item

- Jewelry: increase % HP and % ATK
Collect Pearl and Coral through Recruitment and events, Captains use Beli, Pearl and Coral to upgrade Ring and Necklace
By Arena, Captains battle to receive Honor Medal to break through Ring
Captains complete the floors of Trial Tower to receive Trial Medal to break through Necklace

2. Awaken
- Secret Life: awaken will activate Complex and increase ATK
By Fleet War, Awaken Chest and Event, collect Awakening Stone to star up the equipment

- Equipment: Increase HP and DEF
Captains join Awaken Chest and Event to own Awakening Stone to star up the equipment

- Jewelry: awaken to activate Complex and increase %HP and %ATK
Use Ring, Necklace of crewmen and Awakening Stone received when joining Awaken Chest, Shop and Event, to star up jewelry

II. Upgrade Crewmen
1. Breakthrough: increase Power, ATK, DEF, HP
- Use Enhancement medicine, Breakthrough Stone and Beli to upgrade crewmen
- Join activites, features - events to collect breakthrough materials for crewmen

2. Level Up: increase Power, ATK, DEF, HP
- Use EXP Medicine collected from activities, features - events to upgrade crewmen

3. Evolution
Increase Power, ATK, DEF, HP
- Use Crewmen Piece (or Universal Piece) and Beli to star up crewmen
Collect necessary materials to through activities, features - event

4. Skill
Increase Power of Captains
- Captains upgrade stars to unlock skills of crewmen
- Use Beli to upgrade skills to unlock

III. Captain
1. Trophy: complete requirements of quest to increase Total Speed

2. Library
By activities, features - events, collect Food to give crewmen to increase Total Speed

3. Talent
Increase Power of Captains
- Through completing Quest, Adventure and Event, receive Talent Points
- Use Talent Points and Beli to upgrade Talent tree

4. Battleship
Increase Power of Captains
- Through completing Nightmare in Adventure, World Boss and features - events, collect Wood
- Use Wood, Beli, Diamond to upgrade Battleships activated

B. Level 30 and above
- In addition to increase Power in the initial stage, players focus on other important features that need more resources to increase more power.
- Captains need to focus on:
1. Attribute
- Through activities, features - events, collect Powder, Enhancement medicine, Breakthrough Stone, EXP Medicine, Beli and Diamond to upgrade Attribute

2. Germa Technology
- Through Go To Lab, Training Room and Event, Captains can collect Germa Gene
- Use these Germa Genes to put into Germa Gene frame of crewmen, increasing Power of crewmen 

3. Haki
- Through Boss duel in Impel Down Escape, Haki Trial, join to spin Haki in Haki Gacha and Event, Captains can receive Haki Gem - Multiuse and Haki Gem - Crewmen
- Use Crewmen Piece, Haki Gem - Multiuse and Haki Gem - Crewmen to activate, upgrade Haki and upgrade Skill Tree to buff some crewmen

*** Some tips on optimizing power
- Join activities in a day, limited activities, to have chance of collecting many materials and rare items
- First Topup is very important, 3-star Ace, Stamina, EXP Medicine, Beli from First Topup help Captains increase power more quickly and effectively.

- For topup packs, it is encouraged to buy packages as high as possible to receive the highest promotion and premium.
*** The most benefit for Captains is a combo pack including Daily Topup and Invest; Material and Diamond in these packs will help Captains a lot on their journey.

- For VIP levels: Captains are encouraged to reach VIP level as soon as possible, to buy discounted pack of VIP and to increase power more easily.

*** The information above about how to increase Power is necessary to make it easier for captains on their jouney. 

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Wish my Captains will have a wonderful moments with OPG: Pirates Legend!