♥ Install from Store

- Download for IOS : Click here.

- Download for Android : Click here.


♥ Download and install the game on PC: 

*** APK link: Click here.

- First of all, Captains need to download and install APK on PC. There are 2 popular applications for APK that you can choose to install, it's LD Player và BlueStacks:

LD Player: https://en.ldplayer.net/

- BlueStacks: http://www.bluestacks.com/

Download APK for OPG: Pirates Legend Mobile at here:

- After the download is successful, open the folder where the OPG: PIRATES LEGEND is just downloaded.

- Double-click LINK HERE, it will be automatically installed into your BlueStacks or LD Player.

- After having the notification of successful installation , you just need to click on the icon of OPG: PIRATES LEGEND on the BlueStacks or LD Player theme and start to play.


- After downloaded and installed the game on your phone. If Captains want to delete, follow these given steps:

- Access the location where the game is installed.

- Hold your finger on the icon of OPG: Pirates Legend for about 2 seconds, there will be an "X" appears in the icon of the game

- Click on the "X", the system will ask you to delete or not to confirm your action, OPG: PIRATES LEGEND will also delete all data.

- Select the Delete button to complete the action.

For Android:

- Go to the "Setting" in your device, the language of this button will depend on the user's device. 

- In the Settings section, select the App button

- Select the icon of OPG: PIRATES LEGEND.

- Select "Uninstall"

- Then select "OK"

- Complete uninstall of OPG: PIRATES LEGEND

For Blue Stack and LD Player on PC

- Click on "Start" of the Windows theme and then select "Control Panel"

- Select "Programs", then choose "Programs and Features"

- Select the icon application of Blue Stack/LD Player, select Uninstall.

- Click "Yes" to remove totally the game on PC.


- This process is completely free, players do not have to pay for this operation.

- The remove process will not affect other software in the captain's phone